How to Score High In IELTS

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How to score high in IELTS

Since the universities and companies in the countries where people speak English, want to make sure that, the candidate they are choosing as their students or employees have necessary English skill. International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) are the two biggest and internationally acclaimed English test that evaluates the English skill of those who are non-native English speakers.

IELTS is considered as the toughest examination of its kind; however, it is distinguished into two broad divisions: Academic and General Training. Before you start preparing for this examination, you need to comprehend the pattern and structure of the examination. IELTS contains four major sections: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. You need to come up with a separate strategy for all these sections. Here are the few tips that can help you to master each of these sections.

Read a lot:

Reading is the most effective strategy that significantly improves your English skills. Moreover, reading can also enhance your knowledge. Thus, try to develop a habit of reading. You can read whatever gets your curiosity. Start with short stories, novella, novels, poem, newspapers, your science book, and anything you want, but make sure that you should be reading consistently.

Fix your Grammar:

It is important that you have a better understanding of English Grammar. Make sure that you are speaking and writing grammatically correct sentences. Get a grammar book from the market and start learning. You can also join us for better guidance.


Write an essay, story or personal notes, but you should keep writing consistently. The test will contain two questions for writing. For the first question, you have to write 150 words of the passage using pictorial information. For the next question, you need to write an essay of 250 words.


Learn a new word daily and try to start using it. Expand your vocabulary as much as you can, however, your reading habit can remarkably help you to improve the same. Keep a dictionary and thesaurus with you. You can also play vocabulary games, which is pretty effective to memorize different words.


This is most important part of the preparation. Before you attain the examination, you should practice the test and estimate your level of preparation. Try to figure out the weakest portion and put an effort to master it

students say...

I would like to express my deep thanks and appreciation for all the efforts that you have exerted in improving communication skills. I was really impressed by your innovative methods of teaching and the way you used the audio, video and public Speaking programs and activities in order to support the learning process. I have spent a very amazing time learning and expressing our thoughts. I am feeling proud being excellent communicator. Hats off to Adil Sir and your team
it is one of the best institute i have ever experienced, i learnt many and many precious and variable things like presentation skills, Vocabulary, fluent Speaking, confidence building how to better my pronunciation, Qualify interview ask and answer the questions in the formal occasions and how to handle some issues and situations perfectly in English, it makes the language much easier and more familiar to speak and use in both general life and business. i really recommend this course to everyone ,, Thanks so much for your great course. I am grateful to all trainers of American Lingua.

our alumni

Our Alumni are happily placed in multinational companies

My Name is Rahul. I am very delighted sharing view about the America Lingua where I became a very fluent public Speaker. To be very honest I was mistaking in Grammar a lot but now I hardly mistake. I overcame on grammatical mistake, hesitation, baffling, perplexity, and public speaking fear. I got a gigantic support here by dint of which I could qualify my Cabin crew interview.




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