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AMERICAN LINGUA INSTITUTE OF SPOKEN ENGLISH (ALISE) has been working since many years. It is well-known for its high standard of communication. As we guys are working from plethora of years in ample of areas now we people are augmenting fastly in this burgeoning world .

Nowadays , in this modern world English communication has became a basic necessity . Many people go through many problems In English speaking which sometimes makes them full of sorrow.

In many companies English communication is mandatory because a person these days is being judged by its English speaking and communication.

AMERICAN LINGUA is helping and growing world-wide . With our hard-work and enthusiasm we are helping thousand’s of people so that they can learn and speak English which will help them to take a step with the modern upcoming world. We guys assure guaranteed results . Here , you will get a chance to learn English from our certified trainer’s in an proper English environment . Once you will join us you will observe the thunderclap results on your own .  So , go ahead and take the advantage .

Mr Adil

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With over a decade of experience in catering people with their needs of overcoming social anxiety and stage fear, today American Lingua is considered the stamp of excellence in the field of public speaking.


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The team of highly qualified  and expert teachers at American Lingua have decades of experience in this sector and have already trained large numbers of students. Mentors coaching for learning English in Delhi will not only help students, to have a great future ahead but will also build their confidence which will help them in professional and personal way.


Knowing English opens lot of job and employment opportunities for the students and working professionals as well, and they can have a great career ahead. The major focus at American Lingua is to create an environment where the students or aspirants can learn English in a more friendly way rather than making it a boring or painful task.


Learning English language is a pre-requisite to start your career with a leading national or international company; it serves as an entry pass of many large-scale business organisations. Also, English is the most popular global language which is used in all kind of international businesses, so it is important to study English as a foreign language and be a part of the powerful economy. On the basis of your understanding of English, you can have a great career ahead

foundation and focus

  • Comfortable batch timings
  • Small batch size
  • Group discussions, debates etc are arranged regularly to boost the self-confidence of the students
  • Industry experts

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