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The American institute is the most popular institute for language. It has created the way to make people learn English language. The American Institute offers a course to help people improve their English skills. So many people need to learn English language as it requires everywhere in the school, college and institutes etc. The benefits of learning English can be seen in the economic, social and political life of the people of the country. To fulfil the criteria people must have up to -date knowledge of the language.

                                                                                        The whole world expect to quench its thirst for peace with this Policy. All people want to be friendly with the language so this need an effective medium for the exchange of ideas. English provides us with such a medium. This is the language which enjoys the status of an international language, so people must study English.

 This American Lingua institute covers broad aspects of pronunciation, Listening comprehension, speaking fluent, vocabulary building and oral grammar. This helps in learning in exact way of speaking English. Students can develop listening and speaking skills through lecture and

Peer note taking formal and informal conversation and group discussion and oral presentation. In addition student will learn key grammatical Structure and pronunciation. These things facilitate effective Communication. People can choose their own path by learning English

From American Lingua institute the faculty of American Lingua are very helpful to students in achieving the goal. People must speak English language because this provides a different way to express yourself. English has already gained a good deal of strength it’s a sign of slave mentality. American institute is the one which makes people smart in communication. So that people can easily communicate anywhere .This will give you unique motivation towards English language learner. This is a different skill to communicate so people must take knowledge about English language. Nowadays people can’t do anything without English especially in profession. So this language make people strong and make them able to learn new things and skills in life.


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