Career opportunities in the English language:

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English is said to be the most diversified language of all times. the reason behind this is none other than the growing demand for English in every sector. In today’s modern world every business whether it is a small scale business or large scale business need employees who have good knowledge of the English language. As employees having a good language of English will help in more conversion of clients. So ending up the things there are a lot of career opportunities in the English language.

Why English language is important in India and career opportunities in English language:

English language in India comes up with a lot of career opportunities. So the importance of English language in India is increasing day by day. In order to grab more and more opportunities and make a career in English fields than we should have a vast knowledge of the English language. As the English language is said to be the most important and official language in India. so where the word office collides with the language it means it has a wider scope.

career opportunities in English language

Reasons justifying importance of English language In India:

1. India is a developing country and English is a worldwide developed language. So the English language plays a crucial role in India.

2. English is the official language of India so it is building more career opportunities in the English language.

3. There are a lot of high paying jobs for English majors in India.this is because in every sector along with their field experts company need an employee who has command over the English language too which helps in the growth of their salaries, bonus, etc.

4. Due to the emerging demand of English language in India. More of the students have started to make careers in the English field. 

5. As due to the rising demand of marketing sector there are more marketing jobs in India in which the English language plays a crucial role. So this is leading to an increase in the importance of the English language for students.

6. English is important in India because from past 10 years rate of English speakers in India has been rising from 25% to 35% which undoubtedly tells that rate of job opportunities for English speaking has turned into a boom in India.

The number of career opportunities in the English language in India:

1.Jobs in Private Sector:

The rate of job opportunities in the private sector in India is much greater than the Government sector for the people who are seeking to make a career in the English field. This is because the rate of demand for English speakers in the private sector is at a peak level as in every sector there is a need for good English speakers. Good English speakers can easily convert clients into leads.

2. More professional jobs  For English majors:

There are a lot of high paying jobs for English majors In India. As if a person applying for the field of marketing as a marketing executive, social media executive, content writer and along with knowledge of the field. If he or she has a good command over language than rate f salary being offered to him will be high as a comparison to a normal employee who does not have command over the English language.

3.Jobs in Media sector:

 There are a lot of career opportunities in English in the field of media as there are great demand and need of writers and speakers of English language like the job of a scriptwriter, storyteller, etc. Even print media offers a job at greater extent for who have command in the English language as they need writers for article writing and news writing etc.

4. Job as a professional teacher or lecturer:

Many schools and colleges offer high paying jobs in the English sector for teachers and lectures even there are a lot of government opportunities if you have vast knowledge from a reputed and topmost college in India. Then you can easily apply for Government teachers and lecturers. In this way, there are a lot of career opportunities in the English language in every field in India.

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