How English and personality development are linked together?

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Speaking English Confiently


In the world of smart people, everybody wants to beat each other in their respected field. So they find new technics to beat them. Similarly, in English, each person is want to speak very well and also wants to develop his confidence.

Speaking English Plays an important role in your life. If your English Speaking Skill is good then it builds your confidence. Fluent speaking English helps in to create your good image among the audience. If the speaker knows the proper grammar rules and its alternate words but if the speaker did not know how to implied these rule. Then, it is a waste thing do and finally, it breaks down your confidence.

How to Speak English Confidently

Speaking English Loudly

Speaking English improves pronunciation and speak that word properly. English Speaker put one thing in their mind that they have to do English speaking in front of the mirror and listen to your voice.

The reason numerous individuals learning English can peruse and listen is on the grounds that that is all they practice. In any case, so as to communicate in English unquestionably, you have to work on talking.

Try not to stop at the listening segment, and when you study, don’t simply tune in. Regardless of whether you’re perusing, composing or tuning in, talk the material so anyone can hear and rehearse what you hear.

Focus your Mind

The learner has to create or maintain his complete focus on English. So He/She can speak English fluently and with high moral. If anybody wants to tell your mistake, then you have to face your mistake and it helps to improve your English speaking skill.

If you talk to somebody and He/She say any word that you does not, so don’t feel any pressure simple listen that conversation and concreate on your reply. Give your answer properly and confidently. So it put your good impression in the eyes of the listener.

A requirement of Daily Practice

There many ways for speaking well English:-

Talk to that friend who talks more English – If you talk more in English with your Friend you can improve your spoken English and it start to Increase your moral.

Join English Speaking classes – English Live’s online conversation classes allow you to speak with English language learners who are at the same level as you. You’ll learn from listening to and talking to each other in a supportive online environment – and the more you speak up in class the more you’ll see your progress grow and the more confident you’ll become

Trip for Learn – Traveling is a lot of fun, and it forces us to speak English too. Being completely covered in English, and surrounded by native English speakers, You will learn fast. You, Will, get used to a range of accents and dialects and meet new people along the way.

Speaking English Confiently

Believe in your Self

The main reason for losing Your confidence is you can not believe in your self. You have to remind yourself that you should speak English properly. If you want to make your career you should focus and make your self prepare for every situation.

Work with Group

Many people get very nervous if they have to speak in front of large audiences. Try speaking English to others in smaller groups to build up your confidence.

Share mistakes or stories of miscommunication with each other. The more you laugh off how funny these types of mistakes these are, the less you’ll feel scared.

How to find small groups to work with:

If you are already enrolled in a course, ask your teacher if he or she can arrange the participants to work in small groups.
Ask a few participants in your course if they want to practice outside of class. Some suggestions can include during lunchtimes, after work, or during the weekend.
You can start your own group by posting an ad on a notice board in your office or your local library, on Craigslist or your favorite classifieds website.


These simple ways can turn your life around if you follow them properly. Make the most of them and speak English confidently with your friends, colleagues, and customers.
You can find your group in a school, a local area, a college that offers conversation classes. They help you to improve your English speaking skills by telling your mistake. So you can Improve your English speaking skills.

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