Top 15 ways in How to learn basic English?

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Among all languages in the world, English is said to be the most important language. This is because English language has the maximum number of speakers worldwide and it is the official language of many countries. Even in India English is the official language. But its impact rate is increasing day by day. So it becomes necessary for every individual to learn primary  English. There are a lot of steps which clears the sentence on how to learn basic English.

 Learning English does not have an immediate method or short time procedure. In order to learn basic English speaking and writing or in order to learn how to to do basic English conversations you need to give time and to follow all steps which will later on help in becoming expert in this subject.

What is basic English?

How to learn basic English

Now the question arises, What is basic English?


The question itself has its own answer that is basic English which is called English learning from the basic level or primary level. Every language needs a base at beginning level If you will start learning a language from an advance level then you will never be able to have proper command over that language. So in order to have command over the English language, first of all, you need to keep in mind daily used English words .This all will, later on allow you to have basic English conversation like asking Interrogation questions or giving feedback to the normal question asked by anyone.

Why to learn General English?

 Basic English speaking and Basic English writing involve basic steps of Grammar used in sentence making. Basic Grammar can be easily learned by following steps to learning English grammar step by step. So basic English is all about learning the English language step by step from the basic level or by initiation level.

15 Steps to be followed in how to learn basic English:

1. Never worry about making mistakes. As mistakes make you stronger if at starting You had made a mistake later on you will be the one to check out others who are making the same mistakes. So mistakes help you in learning. People will only be able to check you when they will able to find your mistakes.

2. Keep yourself in an English speaking environment which helps you in learning more words and influences you to speak English.

3. The best way of learning fast English is English speaking. be confident and use basic English words to learn fast English.

4. Using basic English grammar allows you to learn efficient English skills and Learn English grammar step by step.

5. Basic English Grammar Exercises allows you to be more confident in accent and helps you in learning fast English.

6. Read more and more English books and newspapers which helps you in making more English sentences and learning new words.

7. Everyone is fond of watching movies whether he or she is a kid or mature. So always try yourself or indulge yourself in watching English movies. English Movies helps you in learning basic English words and formation of sentences.

8. Always try to translate other language sentences into the English language during your free times.

9. Improve your English vocabulary by using a variation of gaming applications on a phone which will help you learn by fun.

10. Speak Or chat in English with your friend and relatives which will help you in learning basic English words and identifying your mistakes.

11. Always try to learn in basic English first. as if your base is strong then you can easily learn the advanced level of English. Because jumping to the next level in a hurry leads to a misunderstanding of words and knowledge.

12. You cant learn English from the book. As for learning how to ride a bike you have to sit and start riding it daily same as in learning English You have to practice it.

13. Learn English making others learn which help you in the revision of words and sentences and will make habitual to that.

14. The most effective way of learning English is talking. So talk as much as possible in English.

15. English is an international language so to learn English up to that level start taking English classes from Experts and well known Institutes. These are some basic steps which must be followed in how to learn English and techniques used in sentence formation.


So these were some basic steps which a learner must follow to learn basic English speaking or in doing basic English conversations. All these steps will help in improvement of English grammar and learning basic English words.

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