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our methods are very easy and understandable which will help you to learn in a very easy and efficient manner you will be given many opportunities to take part in our self designed activities which will help you to learn.

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Our classrooms are modern and air conditioned each classroom each classroom has a white board and range of audio and video materials

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Our trainers are qualified and recognized with a good experience . They are friendly and carry a good and favorable personality and they will help you and teach you with their best of abilities and experience

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AMERICAN LINGUA INSTITUTE OF SPOKEN ENGLISH (ALISE) has been working since profuse year’s . It is well-known for its outrageous standard of communication . As we guys are working from ample of year’s is plethora of area’s now we people are growing world-wide with our efforts , hardwork and co-operation.

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IELTS course which stands for international English language Testing system. It is the world’s most popular high English language proficiency course for study and work. It is the course which improves skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking. In this course we can learn many things by a range of native speakers. These include test which is for ability to understand ideas and knowledge, opinions by this people can understand accents.

It has an excellent international reputation it improves communication skills. This means that you are assessed by having a real conversation with a real person. This is the most effective course which make you learn in natural way of conversation skills. It is the only secure English language test. It tests the ability to listen, read, write and speak in English.

IELTS course is for learners who use English competently and for develop their skills in reading writing listening and speaking. It makes you learn at high level of speaking English with understanding by focusing on other activities and developing other skills such as creativity and imagination so they usually acquire this skill rapidly. As in this course you will achieve the level of speaking fluently since there will you meet highly qualified English specialists.

This course include listening reading writing and speaking in English accent they provide two types of training in IELTS course which is academic for whom who want higher education and general training for those who want to take work experience they make you learn by proper method of reading writing and listening they provide you interactive way of speaking they are working to set the standard for English language nowadays people are facing difficulties in understanding accents and expressions used by British speakers this course specialise you in language. Those who need to improve their English proficiency to meet the requirement of professional association so it gives you a path towards your success.

Whether you wish to go abroad for higher studies or for a job, proficiency in English Communication is a must and to evaluate this skill, Universities, and Companies overseas ask their candidates to clear their IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam. This test assesses English language proficiency of non-native speakers.

IELTS is compulsory as the universities and companies in English-speaking countries want to ensure that students and employees possess the essential English language skills.

Although IELTS is considered as one of the toughest exams however with proper guidance and preparation one can easily clear the exam. The IELTS exam is broadly classified into two:

  • IELTS Academic
  • IELTS General

Thus, before you appear or start preparing for the exam, it’s important that you know the structure and pattern of the IELTS exam. IELTS majorly contains four sections namely, Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. In order to prepare for each section, you need different techniques and strategies.

Here are a few tips which can help you to prepare for each section.                       

Read as Much as You Can

Reading different types of text is the most effective way to improve your English skills and will help you clear Reading section of IELTS exam. Moreover, IELTS reading practice broadens your knowledge about various topics as well as enhances your comprehension skills. Hence, try to inculcate the habit of reading. You can read whatever gets you to find interesting and are curious about. You can begin with short stories, novels, poem, newspapers, your study books, and anything you like. But make sure that you read consistently.

Practice Writing Daily

Daily writing will improve your writing skills and will help you in clearing the IELTS writing exam. You can start with writing essays on topics you prefer, or you can even write stories, personal notes or you can even maintain a daily journal. But the main thing is that you write every day.

Improve Your Grammar

To excel in IELTS exam it is necessary that you understand the nuances of English Grammar. Once you are proficient in grammar you won’t make any silly grammatical mistakes while speaking and writing this, you will form grammatically correct sentences. You can easily get enrolled in the nearest AMERICAN LINGUA center for IELTS English grammar course

Increase Your Vocabulary

Make it an aim to learn a new word every day and try to incorporate it into your daily conversations. Try to expand your vocabulary as much as you can, learn different synonyms you can use for commonly used words. Moreover, your daily reading habit will remarkably increase and improve your vocabulary. Always keep a thesaurus and a dictionary with you while you practice reading and writing. Nowadays there are many English vocabulary creatives on AMERICAN LINGUA Instagram page, which can help you learn new words.

Practice Previous Years Question Papers

As you must have done during your board exams, practicing previous year question papers is an important part which will help you clear IELTS exam. Before you appear for the exam, you should at least practice the test twice. This will help you to evaluate your level of preparation and will help you in pinpointing your weaknesses so that you can work on them.

Join American Lingua In Tilak Nagar

American Lingua Institute for the English Language can guide you to qualify IELTS. AMERICAN LINGUA center at CP has many renowned English tutors and IELTS experts, they guide students to not just clear this examination but also help them to score better.

Since the universities and companies in the countries where people speak English, want to make sure that, the candidate they are choosing as their students or employees have necessary English skill. International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) are the two biggest and internationally acclaimed English test that evaluates the English skill of those who are non-native English speakers.

IELTS is considered as the toughest examination of its kind; however, it is distinguished into two broad divisions: Academic and General Training. Before you start preparing for this examination, you need to comprehend the pattern and structure of the examination. IELTS contains four major sections: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. You need to come up with a separate strategy for all these sections. Here are the few tips that can help you to master each of these sections.

Read a lot:

Reading is the most effective strategy that significantly improves your English skills. Moreover, reading can also enhance your knowledge. Thus, try to develop a habit of reading. You can read whatever gets your curiosity. Start with short stories, novella, novels, poem, newspapers, your science book, and anything you want, but make sure that you should be reading consistently.

Fix your Grammar:

It is important that you have a better understanding of English Grammar. Make sure that you are speaking and writing grammatically correct sentences. Get a grammar book from the market and start learning. You can also join us for better guidance.


Write an essay, story or personal notes, but you should keep writing consistently. The test will contain two questions for writing. For the first question, you have to write 150 words of the passage using pictorial information. For the next question, you need to write an essay of 250 words.


Learn a new word daily and try to start using it. Expand your vocabulary as much as you can, however, your reading habit can remarkably help you to improve the same. Keep a dictionary and thesaurus with you. You can also play vocabulary games, which is pretty effective to memorize different words.


This is most important part of the preparation. Before you attain the examination, you should practice the test and estimate your level of preparation. Try to figure out the weakest portion and put an effort to master it

  1. IELTS is available at more than 1200 locations world-wide.
  2. In IELTS test there is no negative marking of a wrong answer.
  3. Data is routinely collected from live tests and analysed to confirm the accuracy of the initial grading process.
  4. Test writers from different English speaking countries develop IELTS content so it reflects real-life situations around the world and is unbiased and fair to all test takers , whatever is their background.
  5. The test lasts about 2 hours 45 minutes but may end up to 3 hours and 15 minutes.
  6. IELTS is accepted for immigration to Australia, Canada , New-Zealand and UK .
  7. IELTS is accepted as evidence of English proficiency by 10,000 institutions of education world-wide.
  8. You can repeatedly take IELTS there are no restrictions on taking test again.
  9. Test security of test centre staff to help them identify imposters , detect fraudlent behaviour and prevent cheating to maintain the high level of IELTS test .
  10. Asking your examiner to repeat the question in the speaking part won’t affect your IELTS score.

The American Lingua - Rated #1 English Speaking Course in Delhi, India

The American academy for English language AMERICAN LINGUA INSTUTE OF SPOKEN ENGLISH (ALISE) is an institution whose name is synonymous with good excellence in training.

ALISE offers classes IELTS that is designed to help student’s and train them to crack the exam. The institute is focused and follows good technology and methods of teaching . ALISE teaches its students to understand the language and express your thoughts and views in an appropriate , professional and confident manner.

Answer: IELTS is defined as International English language testing system which is conducted for checking proficiency in English language which for the basically non-native speakers of English who wants to study abroad in English speaking countries.

In India, for all tests administered after 1st April 2019, the registration fee for IELTS exam is INR 13,250.

Exam of ielts is of  two Kinds basically: 1. IELTS ACADEMIC and IELTS GENERAL  TRAINING in which IELTS ACADEMIC is for pursuing your higher level of studies in english speaking countries in which it is similar to academic language and assesses whether you are ready to begin studying or training where as in IELTS GENERAL TRAINING TEST is for completing secondary education or for migration purposes.

The total test time is 2 hours and 45 minutes. All test takers take the same Listening and Speaking tests but different Reading and Writing tests.

IELTS include basically three section ; Listening section includes 30 minutes and Reading includes 60 minutes long These both have similar durations in both exams but the third section varies which is writing and takes near about one hour to complete.

1.Better Communication skills.

2.Improves proficiency in English

3.Test can help you in professional registrations too.

4.Ielts test can help you in approving for government agencies easily.

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If the thought of speaking in front of an audience terrifies you, there is one name, that can help you to deal with this most nerve wrecking experience. ADIL is one of the most inspiring public speakers and corporate trainer in India. He is constantly engaged by corporate and educational sectors to train, inspire and empower people. Energy just flows when he is amongst the people . He is learned man and life coach who lets you marry with confidence to beat any predicament that comes your way. So, whether speaking in conference, lecturing for the first time, presenting at company meeting or appearing for crucial interview, you will build  your confidence to deliver impact full message to your audience under a sound guidance of Mr Adil, who ardently believes ” if you fall ten times stand up the eleventh”

Our trainers are the hard working and result oriented professionals who always use unique techniques and methods in their trainings, be apprised that all the trainers are highly qualified and they possess a great experience in training.

 Our trainers instruct students in grammar and writing skills; they also work with students in analyzing texts and reading writing listening and speaking proper English.

At our institute the trainer instruct students in basic verbal and written comprehension skills while building students’ analytical and formulation knowledge. Students also cover topics in reading comprehension, literacy, writing grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, sentence development, listening and visual literacy .Trainers work as a supervisor and instructor for students. They develop lesson plans and a curriculum, given lectures, assign work, evaluate progress, keep attendance and manage the classroom. They also deal with student learning issues offer extra assistance and spot learning disabilities.



My experience is great with American Lingua . With all our limitations like busy schedule, travelling etc. I am able to attend the classes comfortably. They are making Flexible batches for students and support them.

Joyti Shah


I got placement in big Multi-National Company in Gurgoan. They help their students very well and raise their morale. American Lingua is the best English speaking institute in Delhi. It is a pleasure to write a feedback for them.

Sneha Gulati


American Lingua is the best IELTS institute in Delhi. They provide the best material for their students and help them to earn a 6.5 band mark. The Coaching staff is awesome.

Rohan Mural

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They help me to reach my dreams, they are the best IELTS class. I score 7.5 band marks in it. They help you to develop you personality and makes you a professional English speaker.

Ritik Chopra


Thank you American Lingua for helping me to clear my IELTS Exam. Now I get one of the colleges in Canada and continue my studies there. The tips you give me before an exam that helps me a lot.

Isha Bajaj


The class with American Lingua is very helpful and good because of the teacher help their students and the class atmosphere is very supportive. It increases their Confidence.


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Many people fear while speaking English as they don’t have knowledge about English.We people are helping ample  of individuals in changing their personalities by proper English conversation practice in AMERICAN LINGUA . So if you wanna see the new you then go ahead and join us .

PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT :is very crucial for students, earlier the better. Personalty is a set of characteristics which define and make a person stand out. There are various components which define a personality like, character, attitude, environment and behavior. The amalgamation of all these components shapes an individual’s personality.

  • Improve your personality with American Lingua
  • Personality development training at American Lingua

AMERICAN LINGUA HELPS YOU HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR PERSONALITY; Here are some essential tips through which you can improve your personality. Be a Good Listener  This might sound strange but  if you arc a good listener when people would get attracted to Every one seeks someone who will listen to them intently. Read and Broaden your skills.

Personality Development is the need of the hour, everyone needs it and it is gaining more and more importance among youth. Personality Development enables an individual to impress others and have better conversations and promotes healthy relationships. With the Personality Development Training provided by us at AMERICAN LINGUA You will become more confident in Yourself.

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