Importance of English Language in Education

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History and value of English language in Education:

importance of English language in education

The English language is the most diversified language of the nation . According to a survey, it has been concluded that the English language has the maximum number of the speaker all around the world. The English language is That much diversified that around 840 million people speak English. In which around 300 million people speak it as a native language and around 500 speak it as their second language. It has a figure of near about 50 countries who are speaking English as their official language which around 30% of the world’s language as a total number of countries on this planet is near about 195. English is so important in every corner of the world and in every field whether it is study, office or any business. English is used by 5% of the population of the world as their mother tongue.The English language has become a major part of education everywhere whether it is English native countries or not.

Importance of English language in education and for students:

Importance of English language is everywhere means at every corner of the world. It is a common saying these days if you are not good at English then you are not good at anything. As English has become the core of everything .basically in order to be expert in any subject, first of all, you need to have command on the English language. As English is the basis of every subject whether to write or speak first you need to know the basic English.there are a lot of importance of English language in education as English is the backbone for every primary or secondary education. In this way, there is a lot of importance of English for students too. Some major importance of English in Education are:

1.English is the basic of all language:

English is the basis of all language it is said that because in order to learn every subject these first of all you need to learn English. As without English, you would not be able to learn other subjects. As English being base for every subject so has more importance than any other subject. as In every English medium school, all subjects except mother language subjects are in English. So it becomes important for every student to learn English.

2.English Being an International language:

There is no doubt in this that English is the international language. Being an International language English has its importance any every sector.As without having command in the English Language You no longer have a face at international level markets as if you want to have a stable place in international marketing you should be expert in English. As in order to pursue your studies abroad English is the backbone of that as without English language there is no chance or very rare chance that you will be able to complete your studies at international level or English speaking countries. Therefore importance of English language in education is increasing day by day.

3. English being the best marketing Language:

Nowadays, English is known to be the best marketing language. This is because English is the most attractive or influential language in the marketing sector. As every marketing expert online or offline use English language as their key step to convert leads or promote their business. English is said to be the best language in converting clients as the impact of the English language is so much higher as compared to other languages. So in order to make a stable and impactful carrier in the marketing field or boosting up your business English language is the key to success. In this way importance of English language for students has a vast growing rate because just after completion of their studies they need to find out job and every agency or company needs a worker who is good at English.

4.More job opportunities for a English Speaker:

As due to rising demand for the English language in every sector leads to rising job opportunities for English speaker. So basically If you are good at English or you have good command over the English language than undoubtedly You have a lot of job opportunities in marketing, advertising, and many more sector. This is because English is the 1st preferred language everywhere as every business or a company needs intelligent workers or employees and the English language is said to be the base of intelligence.In this way importance of English language in education has become an important part of student,s life.

5. All competitve Exams are in English language:

 Nowadays, English is converting into the official language of all countries and even all competitive exams are in English. So it has become so important for every student to learn English and understand English . in this importance of English for students who are preparing themselves for competitive exams. As every competitive exam has a fixed timing so it becomes important for the student to understand the question fastly and to give an answer in a short period of time in order to complete desired questions in a given time.


So out of no doubt, we can easily say English is the most effective language of all times. As watching its importance for students and in every sector it has become crucial for every working as well as non-working individual to have good command over the English language.

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