Is English really a connecting language?

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English is stated as a connecting language because it is widely excepted in many countries.
And the reason why English is widely spoken in many countries is that the rule of Britisher on the world.
We might still be going be unaware of the same if we were not ruled by Britishers. But being able to know about this incredible language now we have the power to face the
The English language has become a powerful tool that can make you conquer the world. And as this language is globally excepted so it would not be wrong to call it as connecting language for the whole world. By this term which we are giving to the English language we mean, to make it clear that almost every country has English as their teaching and learning a language.
We have talked about the global presence of the English language in the world, now lets just
quickly look into how English plays a role as a connecting language,
Suppose, you are in some country other than your native one.

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And you are in a situation where you need to take somebody’s help to guide your direction for a particular location. And chances for that individual understanding your native language in next to impossible as long as they too belong to your native country. But at the same time if you use the English language to ask the way he might guide you with the direction.
In the above situation, there is only one thing that was a common source of communication and that was the English language. And so we are saying the English language is a
connecting language.
We might have told you about the benefits of this language but it comes out to be still less no matter how much we discuss it. Telling you all about the English language acting as a bridge
to connect different nations’ individuals is in no way wrong.
The language is being used filling gaps between various different countries. And by
speaking this language you can actually feel connected with the people you just met even in faraway land from your native place.
When does a two individual feel connect? when they can communicate and one speaks and the others understand. But what if one is continuously saying something but the other person is not able to understand. Then there is no communication, they can’t connect with each other. They only need a common language to talk to, to feel connected and the same is such language for them. by this medium, they can communicate in an understandable form and can be understood easily.
To avoid any communication barrier, whenever needed the English language will come into
the picture to be the connecting tool to remove any such communicating barrier.

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English continues to inspire and aspire people to be confident and presentable for any situation of life. Although we respect all the various other languages. But English being the symbol royalty and use as the most presentable language it is also a connecting language.
We all need to be on the same page when we say it is a connecting language because of 90% of
the people in the world speak English and understand it properly and its no wrong in stating

stating it
as a connecting language between groups of people who belong to a different country as it
help them to connect fully with each other.

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