Spoken English classes in Tilak Nagar


American Lingua Institute provides high quality Spoken English, PTE,OET, IELTS,V&A and P.D classes in Delhi.


English is a global language and is widely used as a medium of communication. Despite the fact that it is a global language, not many people have command over the English language. The English language comprises of excellent power of expressions, grammar, vocabulary and articulation.


American Lingua Institute is a one stop destination for you to join and experience the difference in training methodology.  We provide our students inspiring learning environment, skilled trainers and right courses that can help you plan your career.


Understanding the need of good spoken English in today’s world, we have designed our spoken English course to help students get maximum exposure and improve their language skills.


We understand that English plays an important role in personal and professional life of an individual.  Though we are taught English subject in our schools, but despite the fact, not many people are skilled in English language.


We adopt unique and scientific methodologies to teach our students English language and enhance their confidence, skills and personality.


Our spoken English course in Delhi is designed to meet the varied needs of the students.  After successfully completing spoken English course from us, students are able to grab better jobs and rise to great positions.  You also feel confident about yourself and your personal and professional relations get strengthen.  We have digital class rooms equipped with audio visual aids to enhance the learning process of the students.


American Lingua, The best organization of spoken English course in Delhi. We strive to make our students confident of speaking and communicating well in English. Our English speaking course is planned according to individual’s ability, accessibility, time and needs. Understand the unique learning level and needs of the students, we assist them in understand the different levels of training.  Depending upon your learning style, you can pick English speaking course i for beginner, moderate learners or advanced learners.  We also conduct regular debated and topic discussions to help build confidence and speak in English.


Students who feel difficulty in grammar and tenses, we recommend them Basic English speaking course where we teach students basics of grammar and tenses.  We work on the principles of ‘natural immersion program’ and encourage our students to converse only in English among themselves.  This increases the learning rate of the students and they are able to communicate in English.


We also conduct various interactive activities where students can improve their performances.  Regular feedback sessions are conducted by teachers to let students know their performance level and weaker areas. We continuously motivate our students to move forward and keep on improving their skills.


Our English trainers hold recognized qualifications in English.  We develop study material and content in-house understanding the needs of the students. Our study material gives you practical knowledge and skills to develop your skills in English and abilities. We believe in making our sessions fun and interactive.  Because this is the right way to make students motivated in their studies.  No matter you want to improve your English skills, secure a job or take an exam, our spoken English classes are sure to give you right training and knowledge.


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