Advance English

Advance English

To provide narrow cast training, specific to a homogeneous group, to polish out any rough edges that may remain after a vigorous training exercise. These modules help the group specialize and fine tune their expertise in communication related to their own niche.

With New American now you can learn excellent English Speaking in Delhi at reasonable fee. We offer advance speaking English courses in Delhi and make our students speak fluent and grammatically correct language. After taking our spoken English classes, you can speak English flawlessly with proper understanding of the words and sentence. During our course duration we work upon the following aspects.

A fresh perspective can lead to a ‘new you’. This course offers the much required understanding of different aspects of personality that, when put collectively, leave a strong impact. It’s an intensive, well designed course that convers internal and external facets that build your personality. Learn the art of self-management, how to adopt to ‘change’ maintaining positive approach, understanding rationales, and believing in your decision.

This course comprises practical tips and useful techniques on how to enhance your communication and boost your confidence for effective presentations, school competitions /participations, office meetings or even social gatherings-this course is customized and deals with practical situation-specific scenarios for best results.

Prepare yourself for the business world and beat the competition. This industry oriented learning comprises a quick review of advanced grammar, business vocabulary with idioms and phrases, professional communication and email writing.

Exercise controlled communication in official group discussions and personal interviews, learn the art of effectively answering basic as well as difficult questions, know how to put ideas and thoughts in to words that impresses others. This course can help you stand from the rest.


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