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Teaching Procedures

Teaching methods in our institute are so effective that once you learn anything You will not forget up to your whole life. We teach students according to their mental catching power. Along with practical practice, we provide a learning experience to students on live projects.

Our Classroom

Our classrooms are so well structured that it automatically brings an environment of learning. Classrooms contain all the seasonal requirements to provide comfort to students. The infrastructure of classrooms is so homely designed which provides the feeling of learning by home.

Our Tutorials

Training faculties are the backbone of our institute. Our staff is well experienced and known to be masterminds of their subjects. We have our specialists for each subject. Our tutorials are so goal-oriented & friendly that they can put out best from students.

Integrated course

Basic English

Basic English mainly stands for general English which will provide a base for the learning of advance English program which involves: Academic + Informatory English

Corporate english

 Corporate English will provide an advanced level of English learning which will strengthen your technical English and will make you eligible to work for corporate opportunities.

personality development

Personality development is one of our finest gift to students which strengthen their all skills: Oral+ practical+ mental makes them ready to fight for every hardship and of all raise their personality level.

About Us

AMERICAN LINGUA INSTITUTE OF SPOKEN ENGLISH (ALISE) is an American organization specializing in international and educational opportunities . It works in over 100 locations : providing a wider knowledge of English and changing people’s lives through access to education , skills , qualifications , culture and society . (ALISE) have been working from the past plethora of years .We create friendly knowledge and understanding between the students . ALISE is also well-known for its good service team as our team is committed to handling your enquiry in a professional manner and promises to treat people fairly and with respect.

AMERICAN is increasing and creating its image world-wide . By our hardwork ,enthusiasm and dedication . We are changing thousands of people so that they can learn and speak English .

AMERICAN assures guaranteed results , by their level of adequate and proper English environment. If you want to join the race of this modern world by learning English? Then be a part of American lingua and never let the opportunities go out of your hands .

Our Courses


Spoken English

Fundamental ENGLISH is a course for non-local speakers of English which spotlights on building up your talking articulations , essential language structure , tuning in and perusing abilities . This course will fundamentally assist you with introducing yourself as well as other people , posing essential individual inquiries , portraying garments and hues and taking about the climate and periods of the year. AMERICAN uses propelled strategies with new procedures to cause the understudies to learn . With the goal that it will assist you with getting a simple review and learning of essential English.

Personality Development

” Beauty draws in the eye yet character catches the heart ” . An individual can possibly wind up savvy when he knows about conveying style, correspondence, exhibiting aptitudes, Body language , Time the board and so forth. We help an individual to pick up certainty and powerful correspondence which will assist them with getting open doors in any of the zone’s . So , If you need yourself to get esteemed in this expanding world at that point join AMERICAN and see the changes.


Voice & Accent

Voice and Accent rounds are winding up normal in the prospective employee meeting process on the off chance that you are a non-local English speaker. Some non local English speakers may attempt to take a highlight, skirt words or sentences, express too delicately, or attempt different things to commit their elocution errors and pass the voice and emphasize round. American Lingua, Awarded with the Best English speaking Institute in Janakpuri.

Advance English

Propelled ENGLISH relational abilities is intended to move understudy’s with cutting edge language aptitudes to reinforce their talking and listening capacities . This course is the most exceptional General English course . With this ;

Your capacity to comprehend local speakers will be improved .

You can improve the precision and familiarity of your articulation.

You will likewise feel certain while talking about world issues and recent developments .

So , to appreciate these advantages JOIN US ,

Also, get the best arrangement.

IELTS (International English language testing system)

IELTS which is been created by OXFORD SCHOOL of English to test the full scope of English abilities required for study and arrangement of occupation in abroad. There are essentially four modules Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Which demonstrate the individual’s qualification to make due in abroad so it resembles a ticket to go in any nation. On the off chance that you wanna snatch yours, at that point begin learning English with American.

Basic Grammar

AMERICAN uses propelled techniques and approaches to cause the understudies to learn. This course fundamentally improves language and essential abilities of an understudy. We utilize countless techniques and systems which makes learning fun. With our drive and drudgery, we are making uncountable characters. We have faith in ” LEGACY OF EXCELLENCE ”

Basic Gramm

The American Lingua - Rated #1 English Speaking Course in Delhi, India

The American Lingua is certified as the best English speaking institute in Delhi. We are the best Spoken English Classes in Delhi due to our variety of features. The way we have carried ourselves from the last few years is very effective. We are primarily a language school where learners come to better their English skills. We train them so that they could fly abroad or fix their feet in their respective field in the domestic country. It has been more than a decade we are in this educational field and with time besides providing coaching for language tests like IELTS etc and our personality development, we are into money transfer travel and tourism and visa services too.

Thousands of students have been given services under us and are enjoying the most comfortable part of their lives. Here, students are trained with love and care rather the trainer comes to the level of a student to pick him up from the base. We believe in shaping and transforming the child so that his dreams can be turned into reality. We have always trusted in being open to our students and clients and have firmly believed in oral publicity which might have taken time but have reinforced our roots, hence, the plant that was grown just a couple of years back have grown into a proportionate tree. Our current location spread all over North India. As we have grown so much from the last few years and have attained benchmarks in success.

We are certain to render our flamboyant and endless services to our clients

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Ques:1 What material you provide for studying?

We are giving you some sample papers and also give vocabulary books for study. We give 

Ques:2 Why morning course is in more demand than evening?

Answer: Morning course is in more demand than evening because every student is fresh in morning so they catch very quickly and learn easily.

Ques:3 Do You are provide English speaking course for teenagers ?

Answer:Yes, We provide English speaking course for teenager because if they are not good speakers of English then they join our institute for improving their speaking skills.

Ques:4 What is the creation you provide after completition of this course

Answer: We provide you certification in the course along with that we also help in your placement programme if you are interested for job.

Ques:5 How much time consuming classes?

Answer: It consume 2 to 3 hours per class. 

Ques:6 Do your institute provide weekend classes too?

Answer: Yes along with weekdays we provide weekends classes too so that job pursuing can also get benefits from our course

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Our Team

Mr Adil

Managing Director

Our Co- Founder & Head Trainer

If the thought of speaking in front of an audience terrifies you, there is one name, that can help you to deal with this most nerve wrecking experience. ADIL is one of the most inspiring public speakers and corporate trainer in India. He is constantly engaged by corporate and educational sectors to train, inspire and empower people. Energy just flows when he is amongst the people . He is learned man and life coach who lets you marry with confidence to beat any predicament that comes your way. So, whether speaking in conference, lecturing for the first time, presenting at company meeting or appearing for crucial interview, you will build  your confidence to deliver impact full message to your audience under a sound guidance of Mr Adil, who ardently believes ” if you fall ten times stand up the eleventh”

Our trainers are the hard working and result oriented professionals who always use unique techniques and methods in their trainings, be apprised that all the trainers are highly qualified and they possess a great experience in training.

 Our trainers instruct students in grammar and writing skills; they also work with students in analyzing texts and reading writing listening and speaking proper English.

At our institute the trainer instruct students in basic verbal and written comprehension skills while building students’ analytical and formulation knowledge. Students also cover topics in reading comprehension, literacy, writing grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, sentence development, listening and visual literacy .Trainers work as a supervisor and instructor for students. They develop lesson plans and a curriculum, given lectures, assign work, evaluate progress, keep attendance and manage the classroom. They also deal with student learning issues offer extra assistance and spot learning disabilities.



My experience with American Lingua has been great. I almost study there for 3 months. The way they teach is just fantastic. The teachers and all other staff members are very helpful and also increase your moral. One excellent thing about the classes is that I should fix my dreams with my trainer

Megha Kapoor


I am happy with American Lingua because they are the best English spoken Classes in Delhi. The atmosphere in the classes is very good and motivating. I took the right decision to choose American lingua and learn from the best teacher around India.

Rohit Garg


Best English Speaking Course in Delhi because of the advance knowledge of Trainers which helps me to learn English in a very technical manner. Now I call my self as English lecture and also motivating others.



According to me, American lingua is the best English Speaking Institute in Delhi. The teaching staff of the institute is very professional and very helpful for students. They check our every weakness and after that, they help you to improve your weakness.

Pragati sharma


The strongest point is that you can get some extra time for doubt and problems, you can solve your problems anytime. You can practice our work. I am very glad to join American Lingua. The institute helps you to improve your knowledge and increase your thought process also.

Ankit Verma


I am really satisfied with my classes in American Lingua. The trainers are very helpful and they provide quality education. My batch-mates were kind and friendly. I can feel the difference with my English Vocabulary. Definitely the best English Speaking institute in Delhi

Mahesh Kumar

Our Specialty

  • Make yourself a master in English
  • Broaden your personality

AMERICAN LINGUA focuses on overall development of students which means development in every manner. It helps the student to attain their goals in very less period of time.Along with command in English language. it also make efforts to enriches the ideas and innoble the soul of students.

PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT :is very crucial for students, earlier the better. Personalty is a set of characteristics which define and make a person stand out. There are various components which define a personality like, character, attitude, environment and behavior. The amalgamation of all these components shapes an individual’s personality.

  • Make a stable Carrier
  • Boost your business

AMERICAN LINGUA helps in achieving the targets of students both on and off field. It plays an important role in building up the good lifestyle and a stable carrier for students. this the only institute in Delhi which is certified for Best spoken English classes in Delhi.

Personality Development is the need of the hour, everyone needs it and it is gaining more and more importance among youth. Personality Development enables an individual to impress others and have better conversations and promotes healthy relationships. With the Personality Development Training provided by us at AMERICAN LINGUA You will become more confident in Yourself.

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