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Our Teaching Method

our methods are very easy and understandable which will help you to learn in a very easy and efficient manner you will be given many opportunities to take part in our self designed activities which will help you to learn.

Our Classroom

Our classrooms are modern and air conditioned each classroom each classroom has a white board and range of audio and video materials

Our Trainers

Our trainers are qualified and recognized with a good experience . They are friendly and carry a good and favorable personality and they will help you and teach you with their best of abilities and experience

About Us

AMERICAN LINGUA INSTITUTE OF SPOKEN ENGLISH (ALISE) is an American organization specializing in international and educational opportunities . It works in over 100 locations : providing a wider knowledge of English and changing people’s lives through access to education , skills , qualifications , culture and society . (ALISE) have been working from the past plethora of years .We create friendly knowledge and understanding between the students . ALISE is also well-known for its good service team as our team is committed to handling your enquiry in a professional manner and promises to treat people fairly and with respect.

AMERICAN is increasing and creating its image world-wide . By our hardwork ,enthusiasm and dedication . We are changing thousands of people so that they can learn and speak English .

AMERICAN assures guaranteed results , by their level of adequate and proper English environment. If you want to join the race of this modern world by learning English? Then be a part of American lingua and never let the opportunities go out of your hands .


Our Courses


Spoken English

BASIC ENGLISH is a course for non-native speakers of English which focuses on developing your speaking pronunciations , basic grammar , listening and reading skills . This course will basically help you to introduce yourself and others , asking basic personal questions , describing clothes and colors and taking about the weather and seasons of the year. AMERICAN uses advanced methods with new techniques to make the students learn . So that it will help you to get an easy overview and learning of basic English.

Personality Development

‘’ Beauty attracts the eye but personality captures the heart ‘’ . A person can only become smart when he is aware of carrying style, communication, presenting skills, Body language , Time management etc. We help a person to gain confidence and effective communication which will help them to get opportunities in any of the area’s . So , If you want yourself to get valued in this burgeoning world then join AMERICAN and see the changes.


Voice & Accent

Voice & Accent rounds are becoming very common in the job interview process if you are a non-native English speaker. Some non native English speakers may try to take an accent, skip over words or sentences, speak too softly, or try other things to make their pronunciation mistakes and pass the voice and accent round. American Lingua, Awarded with the Best spoken English Institute in Tilak Nagar

Advance English

ADVANCED ENGLISH communication skills is designed to challenge student’s with advanced language skills to strengthen their speaking and listening abilities . This course is the most advanced General English course . With this ;

  1. Your ability to understand native speakers will be improved .
  2. You can improve the accuracy and fluency of your pronunciation.
  3. You will also feel confident while discussing world issues and current events .

So , to enjoy these benefits JOIN US ,

 And get the best deal.

IELTS (International English language testing system)

IELTS which is been developed by CAMBRIDGE SCHOOL of English to test the full range of English skills needed for study and placement of job in abroad. There are basically four modules Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Which show the person’s eligibility to survive in abroad so it is like a ticket to travel in any country. If you wanna grab yours then start learning English with American.

Basic Grammar

AMERICAN uses advanced methods and ways to make the students learn . This course basically helps to improve grammar and basic skills of a student . We use innumerable methods and strategies which helps to make learning fun.

With our initiative and drudgery we are creating uncountable personalities .

We believe in ‘’ LEGACY OF EXCELLENCE ‘’

Basic Gramm

The American Lingua - Rated #1 English Speaking Course in Delhi, India

At American Lingua new Delhi, people of all the ages are whole heartedly welcome for being a part of American Lingua. In our institute many people have learnt to speak English correctly in just a few weeks. Here, you will study in small and friendly groups where everyone works hard with lot of fun..Our friendly and patient trainer’s encourage you to speak from the day you start .We always assure guaranteed . In AMERICAN you will get a proper English speaking environment where you can observe and learn step­ by-step slowly and gradually once you will join us you will surely see the surprising result. So go ahead and grab the best deal with lots of advantages.

Best English institute is what which provides best way of learning and teach the way to communicate.Best English institute in which they provide the ideal preparation for people who are looking for English skills. In best English institute they provide better facilities,persuade tutor,and useful tools. Best English institute gives better way Of learning they help you in learn the basis of academic writing and develop your English Language skills and it will  affect some proficiency in key areas of academic grammar.

Basic English institute provides better tools to evaluate communication and knowledge.It develop the skills make you perfect in communications. It offers wide range of English courses for aspiring students and working employees.  Best institute gives world class learning environment. It makes you best among others.It removes fear and hesitation in speaking English. Best English institute has Unique approach of teaching they teach basis to advance English communication including Grammar.

It gives growth in communication skills body language increase self-esteem of the students they make students fluent and fearless in speaking English they offer Speaking and writing training with group discussion practice session and accent training To students.As we know that English Is not just a language but a personality changer But English institute take you to a great career Great command over this language makes you super confident.It helps you become successful.

Best English institute are result Oriented and it helps you in identify attitude. It gives students better opportunities.It offers you courses at very affordable and reasonable fees in comparison with other English institutions. They deliver the best and much more content for their courses.The faculty of best English institute are helping and supporting and giving positive learning Atmosphere cooperative management. They are well behaved,educated,disciplined.Best English institute are the best guider to make people learn and make them smart in communication.

Ans. American Lingua combines the best methods of teaching spoken English in the easiest way. The trainers here are highly educated and trained. We always pay individual attention to all the students.

Ans. Yes, of course you can learn the functional spoken English from American lingua as we work on the very common and basic skills required to learn the right way of speaking.

Ans. There are number of sectors where you can apply for like call center, Front office, hotels, marketing, Travel and banking.

Ans. Yes, we do organize these intellectual sessions on regular basis to remove the hesitation from students.

Ans. The environment is too much interesting and friendly. Our trainer make every class a sweet memory to cherish.

Ans. From 4 to 10 students in a single batch.

Ans. Just give us a call on the number mentioned in the website. You will be given a proper description of course over the phone, you can also come down to our institute to get a proper assistance for the course.

Ans. you will be given a proper certificate of completion after the course.

Ans. Yes, you can join our weekend batches if you are doing any kind of job.

Ans. Our course will help you learn the most practical soft skills required in business .also you will learn to speak in different situations, the role play session will improve your situational and functional English.

Ans. Of course, if you follow and practice the material and techniques given by our skilled and experienced trainer you will definitely score well. We at American lingua provide our own material which you will never get anywhere else.

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Our Team

Mr Adil

Managing Director

Our Co- Founder & Head Trainer

If the thought of speaking in front of an audience terrifies you, there is one name, that can help you to deal with this most nerve wrecking experience. ADIL is one of the most inspiring public speakers and corporate trainer in India. He is constantly engaged by corporate and educational sectors to train, inspire and empower people. Energy just flows when he is amongst the people . He is learned man and life coach who lets you marry with confidence to beat any predicament that comes your way. So, whether speaking in conference, lecturing for the first time, presenting at company meeting or appearing for crucial interview, you will build  your confidence to deliver impact full message to your audience under a sound guidance of Mr Adil, who ardently believes ” if you fall ten times stand up the eleventh”

Our trainers are the hard working and result oriented professionals who always use unique techniques and methods in their trainings, be apprised that all the trainers are highly qualified and they possess a great experience in training.

 Our trainers instruct students in grammar and writing skills; they also work with students in analyzing texts and reading writing listening and speaking proper English.

At our institute the trainer instruct students in basic verbal and written comprehension skills while building students’ analytical and formulation knowledge. Students also cover topics in reading comprehension, literacy, writing grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, sentence development, listening and visual literacy .Trainers work as a supervisor and instructor for students. They develop lesson plans and a curriculum, given lectures, assign work, evaluate progress, keep attendance and manage the classroom. They also deal with student learning issues offer extra assistance and spot learning disabilities.



My classes with American Lingua have been awesome. I have been taking the classes for almost two months,twice a week and I am really happy about my improvement. Now I feel more comfortable and secure when speaking English and more fluent,too. One great thing about the class is that I could fix my goals with my teacher so he prepared the lessons according to that. It was a completely customized program. I thank my teacher for this, surely one of the best spoken English institute in Delhi.

Pinky Sharma


"I really appreciated all my English classes with American Lingua,considered as the best spoken English institute in Tilak Nagar, Uttam Nagar Delhi. I found myself working in an English environment that I was not going to understand 100%. Time was an issue. Being speedy in ramping up my English was one of my main goal. American Lingua helped me making my communication skills excellent and made me perfect in English Language. Overall,from a professional and personal point of view, I strongly recommend American Lingua to any student who wants tailored support and dedicated attention.

Rahul Gupta


Doing a course at American Lingua English Speaking was a wonderful experience for me. I had completed graduation in commerce from Jodhpur and was trying for admission in a good business school in Delhi.Though I am from English medium, English was a problem for me. I knew grammar rules but was making a lot of mistakes. After this course,I speak confidently and clearly in English. It would have been impossible to clear the GD & Interview if I had not done the course at American Lingua. RECOMMENDED as the best spoken English institute in Delhi. Thank you



My experience with AMERICAN LINGUA has been immensely helpful. The mock­ tests that I took helped me assess my strength and weakness .My trainer guided me well and with her help I was able to score good bands in IELTS .I will highly recommend AMERICAN LINGUA as the guidance they provide is very useful. I would recommend this is the best spoken English institute in Delhi, Tilak Nagar, India.

Jasmine Gupta


Thank you for helping and guiding me to prepare my IELTS exam. It would not have been possible without your efforts. cooperation and hard work . I am extremely happy that I scored 7.5 bands in the first go. You were very helpful. I am very glad to you THANK YOU. Iconsider this one of the best english speaking institute and IELTS Classes in Delhi,India.

Aryan Sharma


I had great experience with the learning in IELTS classes and advance English speaking course in Delhi with American Lingua. The course helped me a lot to improve my writing tasks and also helped me to write in a effective manner. The speaking course helped me to be more confident about myself .Your team is very awesome and cooperative . I had a wonderful experience with you. Thank you guys for your love, knowledge and support. I would rate this as the best spoken English classes institute in Delhi.


Our Specialty

  • Easy to speak English with American Lingua
  • Personality development classes in Tilak Nagar

Many people fear while speaking English as they don’t have knowledge about English.We people are helping ample  of individuals in changing their personalities by proper English conversation practice in AMERICAN LINGUA . So if you wanna see the new you then go ahead and join us .

PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT :is very crucial for students, earlier the better. Personalty is a set of characteristics which define and make a person stand out. There are various components which define a personality like, character, attitude, environment and behavior. The amalgamation of all these components shapes an individual’s personality.

  • Improve your personality with American Lingua
  • Personality development training at American Lingua

AMERICAN LINGUA HELPS YOU HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR PERSONALITY; Here are some essential tips through which you can improve your personality. Be a Good Listener  This might sound strange but  if you arc a good listener when people would get attracted to Every one seeks someone who will listen to them intently. Read and Broaden your skills.

Personality Development is the need of the hour, everyone needs it and it is gaining more and more importance among youth. Personality Development enables an individual to impress others and have better conversations and promotes healthy relationships. With the Personality Development Training provided by us at AMERICAN LINGUA You will become more confident in Yourself.

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