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Our Teaching steps

Our institute believes in step by step learning. Basically we work according to the grasping power of students.Our teaching methods are so easy to understand which helps every student in the institute to give their best.

Our Schoolhouses

Our classrooms are same as schoolhouses so well structured like your own houses which provides you environment of learning by home and we work according to schools like creating strong base than advance learning.

Our Instructors

Our whole tutors are having minimum experience of 10 years in this teaching field. We have variety of specialists for each field Ielts or spoken English etc. Feedbacks of teachers regarding students of their class and students feedback regarding their teachers is taken on consistent basis.

About Us

Our Courses


Spoken English

The English language doesn’t have the biggest number of local speakers on the planet; yet in addition has the greatest reach of any language verbally expressed today. Both local and second-language speakers of English are found in each city, and English has turned into a significant part to be in the number of fields, including business, political issues, science, innovation, and excitement and we can likewise say that everywhere in the world. Important session included in this course: Picture Visualization,Specific vocabulary Growth, Different Sessions

Personality Development

“Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own.” This is a common saying which basically means personality of an individual is the only thing which makes him superior of all. we should always add up good things to our personality . We have the best personality  development staff in all over Delhi which makes “ALISE ” the best English speaking institute in Delhi.


Voice & Accent

” American Lingua is the only institute which along with the language keeps command on the VOICE & ACCENT of students too. As we believe in over all development of student. Clarity in language is so important these days as learning is important but every sector demands fluency in language.As In spite of having proper command over language some students are not able to pronounce  the word. So in this course we provide special knowledge to students to improve their VOICE & ACCENT towards English language.

Advance English

AMERICAN LINGUA not only provides knowledge about basic English but also we train students to advance level of English which will help them in making carrier in this field or if they are thinking too make their themselves available for corporate sector opportunities.During our Advance English learning programme  we teach students about how to be advance in this language . We run some following sessions in this language in order to boost up the level of students.

1. General Conversation of daily use

2. Q-Cards

3. Overview of Part of Speech.

4. Writing Skills.

5. English Learning Games

6.Telephonic Conversation

7.Conversational Activities.


IELTS (International English language testing system)

IELTS test is one of the significant sources to get the number of chances accessible over the world. This is on the grounds that the English language is worthy by a lot of the outside nations. English is a worldwide language and it becomes difficult for the students to get outside circumstances with tight command in this language. High scores in this test will give you a chance to acquire focuses that will open the entryway of chances from the remote countries. Most of the organizations and colleges require abroad individuals to demonstrate their English ability through IELTS. Consequently, everything you could ever hope for traveling to another country is subject to the number of groups you figure out how to get in the test.WE here at AMERICAN LINGUA are certified for providing best Ielts classes in north Delhi

Basic Grammar

Along with Advance and General English we also train students to get improvement in academics English which is done by removing grammatical errors and improving yours grammar skills.We focuses on improving Grammar of students by following method: Elementary Grammar, Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Adverb, Verb, Conjunction, Interjection, preposition.Tenses.JAM Session,,Tense based exercises,Language games

Basic Gramm

The American Lingua - Rated #1 English Speaking Course in Delhi, India



AMERICAN LINGUA, an ISO 9001-2008 confirmed organization, which is into the field of value training throughout the previous 17 years. AMERICAN LINGUA is running its focuses across the country As ITes (IT Enabled Services) is a developing industry in the present aggressive world, we accept that we ought to grant Training to the individuals in the zone of correspondence and expertise improvement and furthermore to give them work in the MNCs/corporate, BPO, Call focus, Retail, showcasing, neighborliness, and other developing business houses in the wake of creating required aptitudes.Our institute is certified as best English speaking institute in DELHI.

At our focuses, other than the relational abilities youthful people are prepared in other employment aptitudes additionally for the CORPORATE area, BPO Industries, Call Centers, Banks, Financial Institutions, Hospitality, Marketing, Retails, and specialized fields, and so forth. Our program facilitators are exceptionally gifted.

“Our vision” is to build a valuable learning environment, pride, and energy to grow a moral work culture for social improvement through personal efforts.


“Our central goal” is to create HR; to find and distribute information; to broaden learning and its application past the limits and to serve and develop society by creating intellectuality in learning of students. By making an integrated effort by our and your side to raise the basic standards of living.

ANS: American Lingua is certified as the best spoken English institute in Delhi.Certification not only comes by name it comes by efforts and results. WE believe in coordinating effort of students and teachers and bringing the best outcomes.

ANS: Yes , you will be easily able to learn English. As we start from the basic level of English which helps in providing spoken improvement in English language along with that masters you in Academics English.

ANS: English is the most widely used language in the world . Sp there numerous of opportunities you can grab after completing your course from one of the finest Institute in new Delhi i.e is AMERICAN LINGUA. You may apply for a Content writer, Consultant in Big companies, A marketing executive with good English skills.

ANS: Yes, along with practical knowledge we also organize different kind of sessions in order to provide trainings to students for corporate sector like JAM Sessions , Group discussion etc.

ANS: Our classrooms are not just for providing knowledge regarding the subject of  English . But also builds you for team working . As we give group projects to students which makes them ready for teamwork and build up coordination.

ANS: Every batch has a different strength but we have our minimum and maximum batch strength limit which is 5 to 20.

Ans. Just give us a call on the number mentioned in the website. You will be given a proper description of course over the phone, you can also come down to our institute to get a proper assistance for the course.

ANS: You will be given a proper certificate after this course and along with that we will also help you in trainings and job placements.

ANS: Yes, you can join our weekend batches if you are doing any kind of job.As along with school students our courses are made for every generation and every field related learners . In order to make comfort for jobholders we have also arranged our weekends batches.

Ans. Our course will help you learn the most practical soft skills required in business .also you will learn to speak in different situations, the role play session will improve your situational and functional English.Our course makes your confidence level so up that you can easily convert leads for your business and run your startups.

ANS: As we do not believe in Fraud schemes . We just assure you that we will give 100% to make you able to reach your goals along with that the final call is in your hands that how much efforts you will make to achieve your destinations.


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Our Team

Mr Adil

Managing Director

Our Co- Founder & Head Trainer

If the thought of speaking in front of an audience terrifies you, there is one name, that can help you to deal with this most nerve wrecking experience. ADIL is one of the most inspiring public speakers and corporate trainer in India. He is constantly engaged by corporate and educational sectors to train, inspire and empower people. Energy just flows when he is amongst the people . He is learned man and life coach who lets you marry with confidence to beat any predicament that comes your way. So, whether speaking in conference, lecturing for the first time, presenting at company meeting or appearing for crucial interview, you will build  your confidence to deliver impact full message to your audience under a sound guidance of Mr Adil, who ardently believes ” if you fall ten times stand up the eleventh”

Our trainers are the hard working and result oriented professionals who always use unique techniques and methods in their trainings, be apprised that all the trainers are highly qualified and they possess a great experience in training.

 Our trainers instruct students in grammar and writing skills; they also work with students in analyzing texts and reading writing listening and speaking proper English.

At our institute the trainer instruct students in basic verbal and written comprehension skills while building students’ analytical and formulation knowledge. Students also cover topics in reading comprehension, literacy, writing grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, sentence development, listening and visual literacy .Trainers work as a supervisor and instructor for students. They develop lesson plans and a curriculum, given lectures, assign work, evaluate progress, keep attendance and manage the classroom. They also deal with student learning issues offer extra assistance and spot learning disabilities.



There are many English Speaking Insitute in Delhi but American Lingua is the best among every institute Coaching staff is very technical and advance. I got a good job in a reputed company

Aditi Chauhan


American Lingua is the very best institute for speaking English. I get my job in Gurgaon because of American lingua they develop my English speaking skills and also increase my confidence.

Ramesh Tandon

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At first, when I thought of joining English Speaking classes I was very confused about which institute I should go for. After a lot of research, American Lingua caught my eye and I attended their Demo class after which I was so sure that this is the best institute for me.

Simran Rai

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This is a very good experience with American Lingua. My trainer has sharpened my English speaking ability. I will recommend more people to learn the English language from American lingua.

Tanya sharma


My trainer has worked hard on my English communication. I am be really thankful to my trainer and American Lingua who have helped me to grow personality and communication skill.



The working style of American Lingua is very simple, they always take the regular test in a week and also give their result very quickly. Trainer are very friendly and helps every time.

Vansh Bhatia

Our Specialty

  • Easy to speak English with American Lingua
  • Personality development classes in JANAKPURI

Many people fear while speaking English as they don’t have knowledge about English.We people are helping ample  of individuals in changing their personalities by proper English conversation practice in AMERICAN LINGUA . So if you wanna see the new you then go ahead and join us .

PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT :is very crucial for students, earlier the better. Personalty is a set of characteristics which define and make a person stand out. There are various components which define a personality like, character, attitude, environment and behavior. The amalgamation of all these components shapes an individual’s personality.

  • Grow your business with American Lingua
  • Development of New IDEAS

AMERICAN LINGUA helps you in providing new ideas related to your business and running of startups and helps you in growing your business. It along with basic learning also helps in providing advance Knowledge about business strategies and Development.

AMERICAN LINGUA helps you in providing new ideas related to your business and running of startups and helps you in growing your business. It along with basic learning also helps in providing advance Knowledge about business strategies and Development.

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